The example application: Photosphere

The development of the application Photosphere is the covered in the book Rapid Fullstack Development.

Most of the book is very practical, showing you techniques, tools and process to become a more effective developer. I teach through numerous working code examples and you can follow along to fully immerse yourself in the development process.

Together we'll develop a complete working, and non-trivial, open source example application called Photosphere.

Photosphere is a photo backup and search tool. Initially we’ll be able to upload photos through a web portal and then browse them in the gallery. Toward the end of the book we’ll have a desktop and mobile application that can automatically find photos on our computer and phone and upload them for us.

Photosphere is a simple fullstack monolithic application

Version 1 of Photosphere is a simple fullstack monolithic application

Ultimately we'll go beyond fullstack and extend Photosphere to have a desktop application implemented with Electron and a mobile application implemented with Ionic/Capacitor. All frontends will share code and the same backend.

Version 3 of Photosphere goes beyond fullstack

Version 3 of Photosphere goes beyond fullstack

I'm building the Photosphere application as I write the book and I'm even livestreaming the coding (see YouTube for recordings).

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