Rapid Fullstack Development

A new book by Ashley Davis.

Are you itching to be a faster developer across the stack?

Writing code quickly is not enough.

Your code also has to work and it has to be useful.

No limits

Cover the entire stack with JavaScript and TypeScript
Frontend, backend, mobile and desktop.

Build something big

Create a complex application through simple steps.
Bake testing into the heart of your process.

Tools and techniques

Use the best tools the ecosystem can offer to create a fluid and fast paced development process.


“Ashley's done a lot of illustrations and diagrams to help concepts that would make a massive difference for a beginner like me who relies on a lot of visual breakdowns to grasp new concepts. I would highly recommend this.”
Furqan ur Rehman
Digital Marketer | Tech Enthusiast, Pera Wallet
“As a developer with over 10 years of experience in the industry, it was a satisfying experience for me to watch the complex, yet reliable, and working software get built by continuously adding small simple steps.”
Shant Dashjian
Senior Software Engineer, Scrimba
“Rapid FullStack Development is much more than just a book—it's a masterclass. It's akin to having a rare and exceptional mentor, a consummate professional with astounding technical expertise guiding me through every phase.”
Parth Sigdel
Full Stack Developer, Andisor
Recent News
  • Version 0.5 of the early access edition of Rapid Fullstack Development is released, including the all new chapter 6.
  • A new and revised version of my talk Rapid Fullstack Development was live streamed for Manning and is now published on YouTube.
Picture of the author
About the author

Ashley Davis is a software craftsman and author with over 25 years of experience in development, from coding to managing teams to founding companies. He has worked for a range of companies, from the tiniest startups to the largest internationals. Along the way, he has contributed back to the community through his writing and open source coding.

For news follow @codecapers on Twitter.

For more on Ashley’s background, see his web page or Linkedin profile.

Email on [email protected].

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