Book outline

In this new book from Ashley Davis, learn the tricks of the trade for writing reliable and valuable code, quickly.

NOTE: This outline will change during development of the book.

1. Bootstrapping Rapid Development

Learn the theory and philosophy of rapid development.

What it is? Why do we need it? And, how it can help you be a faster developer.

2. Backend

First up, we build the backend for the Photosphere example application.

We start coding from nothing, and then code and test Photosphere's Node.js REST API.

Learn techniques for rapid iterations of coding with fast feedback, refactoring to let an elegent design emerge by itself and testing to make sure our code works.

3. Frontend

Next we build the frontend for Photosphere.

Again we'll start with nothing and construct a browser-based user interface from the ground up.

Learn how to connect to the backend and get fast feedback to rapidly prototype your user interface.

4. Scaling

Now we scale up our development process to handle a backend with multiple services.

We'll add some microservices to Photosphere, but the techniques presented in this chapter aren't just for microservices.

Learn how to use Docker Compose to create a convenient setup for fast development and testing of our fullstack application, including the integration of a database (or other services).

5. Testing

Learn the important techniques for fast and effective testing to keep your code working through repeated change and evolution. With real examples from the Photosphere application.

6. Debugging

Learn strategy and techniques for merciless bug hunting with real examples from the Photosphere application.

7. Beyond fullstack

Now let's go beyond fullstack!

We extend our development process to build desktop and mobile applications for Photosphere.

8. Photosphere walkthrough

Next we revisit the tools, technique and development process we have learned so far, while taking a tour of the completed Photosphere application.

9. Learning how to learn

We wrap up the book with a discussion on how you can take your own learning as a developer to the next level.

Learn strategies to be better at learning.

This book is in development
I'm currently teasing this book out of my brain.
Please join me on this new adventure exploring rapid development techniques applied to fullstack coding.
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