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How do I buy the book?

You can join the early access program for Rapid Fullstack Development through Gumroad.

Is there another way to buy the book?


Use PayPal to send $20 AUD (approx. $13 USD) or more to [email protected], then I'll email you the book.

What will I learn?

What do I need to know already before reading this book?

This book doesn't teach JavaScript or TypeScript. You need to know enough to get the gist of the code samples in the book, but don't worry, I've made an effort to keep the example code as simple as I can. If you are coming from another programming language you should have no trouble picking up JavaScript/TypeScript as you read this book.

If you are also learning JavaScript/TypeScript as you read this book you'll probably be ok, provided you put in the work. Chapter 1 provides some resources for you to learn JavaScript.

Coming into this book you should know the basics of using the command line (the terminal) and a code editor of your choice (I recommend Visual Studio Code).

It will help if you also know the basics of using Git, but that's not completely necessary because we'll only use the simple commands and I explain them as we use them in the book.

Why are you writing this book?

I'm writing this book because:

I'm not writing this book to earn a living. On my third book now I've realised it's very difficult to be a tech writer and make a living. So now I'm writing it for the enjoyment of writing and the satisfication of teaching.

But you know, if enough people buy it who knows? It might help fund my work on the next book.

Why are you self-publishing this book?

Because I can. I've had a good experience on my first two traditionally published books, but it's the right time for me to try branching out on my own.

When the book is finished, I may still approach a traditional publisher for distribution. We'll see how things go.

What qualifies you to write this book?

Three things:

What does the book cover?

The book covers development of the open source Photosphere application, a fullstack application with the following components:

The example application though is really only a delivery vehicle for learning the mindset, techniques and tools for fast development, with the main goal of producing reliable and valuable code.

See the published book outline for more details.

What language(s) does the book cover?

The book covers JavaScript and later TypeScript.

JavaScript, because it's a very practical language, not too difficult to learn and it's the lowest common denominator for true fullstack coding.

Then TypeScript, because it helps us keep our code working through repeated evolution and refactoring.

Will the book teach me JavaScript or TypeScript?


The book is designed for developers who can already read JS/TS and get the gist of what's going on. If you are coming into JS/TS from another language you should have no problem reading the code.

I do provide links to external learning resources so that you can learn JavaScript/TypeScript at the same time as reading Rapid Fullstack Development.

What is the "early access program"?

This is the period of time when you can buy the book early while it's still in development.

This gives you a chance to buy the book at a discount, support the author and be involved in the book's development.

How much is early access?

Early access is set set at the discounted price of $20 AUD (aprrox $13 USD). That's a massive discount off the final price for getting onboard early in the book's development.

How much will the completed book be?

The retail price for ebooks of this nature is around $30 USD.

What do I get with the early access program?

You get:

If I buy the book in early access, will I later get the completed book?

Yes, you will get new chapters as they are released and the entire ebook when it is finished.

How many chapters will there be?

It's hard to say exactly... but I'm aiming at 9 chapters. Although the end result might be 8 chapters or it might be 10.

How often will new chapters be released?

New chapters will be released every 1-3 months. I'm working on this book in my spare time alongside multiple other projects.

Sometimes new chapters will come out quickly, othertimes not as quickly.

When will the book be completed?

The book will be completed in 2024. It's difficult to say exactly, because it depends on the other commitments and obligations I have at any point in time.

What formats are supported for the ebook?

At the moment the book is released in pdf and epub formats.

Will the book be printed?

At some point in the future I hope to explore having a "print on demand" service.

So maybe. We'll see how it goes.

If I buy the ebook, will I later get the printed book?


However, if this book is ever printed (no promises), I would like to offer a discount on the printed book to buyers of the ebook, but we'll have to see in the future if that's financially viable. Sorry, I don't yet know anything about how to have this book printed and how much it might cost.

This book is in development

I'm currently writing this book!

Please join me on this new adventure exploring rapid development techniques applied to fullstack coding.

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Rapid Fullstack Development is self-published by the author. Your purchase directly funds the development of this book, future books and the Photosphere application.